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Business leaders are looking for ways to integrate Apps into their marketing culture. As consumer love for mobile Apps continues to grow, the businesses who can successfully integrate Apps into their strategy will ultimately emerge as the new industry leaders.
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The mobile app marketplace is a large and very fast growing market. Right now, the app marketplace is at the same stage the internet was back then. Google said in a recent webinar that the mobile web is ramping up eight times faster than the web boom of the 90s. With the emergence of the digital consumer, where purchases, promotions and spread of messages are now done via mobile applications, it is only relevant that businesses and entrepreneurs start to focus on engaging their customers via mobile apps and the internet.

The mobile apps development in Adelaide has become a very huge competition as more people are being aware about the beneficial aspect of such apps. This is indeed a growing trend, for businesses and entrepreneurs in Adelaide to seriously consider designing interactive program and apps to engage the customers more deeply and repeatedly with your content than an information search.

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Out of all the apps your users download, have you ever paused to consider

How many they actually use on a regular basis?

Sure, they flipped through photos from that wild party on Friday night. They probably checked out the buzz about Peter’s status changing to “single.” And they even read the article “Best New Movie Trailers” that ten of their friends had shared. But they did all that using their social networking apps.

What about brand or content apps, like yours — the ones they chose to download because of a sense of affinity for or an interest in your brand? Too often, these apps get forgotten, collecting virtual dust on users’ phones.

Well, what if I told you that your users can do their social networking directly from your branded app?

Mobile Apps Development Adelaide

Visit Mobile allows you to integrate social media like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest and more into your branded mobile apps development.

At Visit Mobile, we understand the customer requirement and complexities of developing software. That is why we create a solid foundation rooted in bullet proof spec for developing your mobile apps in Adelaide with utmost standards.

And now, with the addition of some great new features, VISIT Mobile makes it even easier to engage your users and ensure that they keep using your app by offering complete solutions, integrating back office API and web service architectures.

Product Listing

Product Listing

Infinite category of product listing and with advanced search system with many attributes like Size, Color, hits, favorite, occasion, location etc.Notification on end-user device for new and glamorous product lunched

Automatic Facebook Connect

Automatic Facebook Connect

Your app users can now like and comment on mobile posts instantly, without having to go through a separate Facebook log in process.

Android Sharing

Enhanced Android Sharing

Your Android users will now be able to share your mobile posts via additional applications, such as Google+ and Bluetooth.

Photo Sharing

Photo Sharing

Encourage users to share, like, and comment on your photos directly from your app. Conduit Mobile offers full integration of your photos from Instagram, Picasa, Facebook, Flickr, Tumblr, SmugMug, Twitpic, or any RSS media feed.

Event Promotion

Event Promotion

Connect users to all your events in a snap! Conduit Mobile offers full integration of your events from Facebook, Google Calendar, Eventbrite, Songkick, and Eventful.

2D/3D Effect

2D / 3D Effect

It gives facility to the End-user to slide your product and design in the dashboard which can be shared in all social media.

Maintaining History

Maintaining History

Maintaining history of particular end-user for their better attraction on your branded apps so they can freely decide and see what kind of product they were interested and provide recommendations.

Apps Tracker

Apps Tracker

Ability to trace the apps hits and location where your branded apps is running or the request from which will help you to target your marketing and segments.

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